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Sharing our passion for country and culture
through a range of tours and educational programs

As the region’s first people, the Wongutha people share a strong connection to Kalgoorlie and the surrounding country. The region’s geological landmarks, flora and fauna are woven into the ancient Dreaming stories that define the 30,000 year old Wongutha culture.

As a family business, the owners of Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tours are passionate about their country and culture. The tours they operate give them an opportunity to share their knowledge of this special region. Giving visitors a glimpse into both the modern and ancient history of Kalgoorlie through a range of tours they offer, helps keep their culture alive.

Each of the tours can be tailored to suit large, small or special interest groups.  
We invite you to join our Wongutha guide and hear the ‘first story’ of Kulgooluh.

Outback Day Tour

Town Tour

Overnight Tour